Case Study coming SOON!
Please keep checking back to read our case study! We cannot reveal at this moment in time, but we look forward to sharing with you the darker side of fall protection!  We can provide a little teaser though 🙂 ‘we have worked hard with a…
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MSA Latchways
Newly Revised Guidelines for Freestanding Handail
Free Standing Handrail, what does the New BS 13700 mean for permanent roof guardrail installations? The BS13700 standard was published in July 2021 and provides long-awaited guidance for the design, performance, testing and inspection of permanent counterweighted roof-top guardrail protection systems.  This standard provides clarity…
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Non penetrative handrail for all standing seam roofing systems
New products added to our range for standing seam roofing!  There isn’t a standing seam roof that we cannot fix to! After 25 years of experience with standing seam manufacturers specifications, Gable Fall Safe is proud to announce our dedicated website! With our invaluable knowledge…
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Denmark Hill Station
Denmark hill Station is the first station in Europe to use integrated PV panels!  This was for a number of reasons but the main ones being that Network Rail were concerned of items being dropped by birds which would crack the glass panels and the…
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