Non penetrative handrail for all standing seam roofing systems

New products added to our range for standing seam roofing!  There isn’t a standing seam roof that we cannot fix to!

After 25 years of experience with standing seam manufacturers specifications, Gable Fall Safe is proud to announce our dedicated website!

With our invaluable knowledge gained from successful installations in conjunction with these roofing systems we are pleased to be able to offer the below handrail product for ALL standing seam roofs.

All of the systems that we install conform to the relevant British legislation & standards for installations in the United Kingdom so if you are faced with a high cost for your fall protection please send me your enquiry because you may be surprised as to what we can save you cost wise noting that whilst we can offer vast and substantial savings this does not detract in any manner the safety of the system or the capabilities.

Please be reminded that we have been in this industry for 25 years so we know what we are talking about. In a nutshell the products that we offer for your roof fall protection solution will work because if it didn’t we wouldn’t install it!