NHS England upgrade their roofs to solar energy, but at what price to Health & Safety? A very low one by the looks of things! Tick box exercise complete!

Anybody who follows our Linkedin account will be acutely aware that we are BIG on health & safety issues!

A couple of weeks ago we came across a post on the platform regards the NHS and their commitment to the environment, it’s just a shame that this does not extend to the safety of people working on their properties!  After reviewing the photograph we noticed some dangerous issues, and when we find these our route is to attempt contact with the poster to advise.  In this instance one of their Directors, Fiona Daly read our message, responded, and then blocked our account.  The other director simply chose not to respond.

This is not responsible, and I would hope that somebody from the NHS sees this.

For the record, we are in the business of keeping people safe when working at height, and it really does not sit right with us that these sorts of safety issues are freely brushed under a carpet, given the serious nature of the subject matter.

In this pictured example, it ‘appears’ that the handrail is at a lower level than the walkway, which means that the 1100mm height cannot be achieved.  Please also zoom in to the bottom of the handrail, and you will see that whilst the positioning is at the roof edge, there does not appear to be any toe-board, a legislative requirement where there is no minimum upstand.  The reason for this is that tools do not fall to the ground below.

Should there be a person who holds a responsible position with the NHS for these safety concerns who would like to make contact, I am more than happy to provide advice totally free of charge.

We really cannot understand the mindset of somebody who would block an account of a professional specialist contractor who is attempting to offer free advice to ensure that visitors to their assets remain safe, it just ‘doesn’t figure’!

The overriding message here though for anybody working on NHS properties is please always check the fall protection systems in place are fit for purpose, your well-being, life, or that/those of others, may well depend on this form of knowledge!

Stay safe!

** link to the article: https://lnkd.in/ezvgS7SQ