Design Service

We understand that the complexities of designing a fall protection system can be a daunting task and comes with huge responsibility.

Architects, designers, principle contractors and property owners alike have a responsibility under CDM to take into consideration tasks that have to be carried out at height. Whether this be the maintenance of gutters, and downpipes, access to mechanical plant such as smoke vents, air conditioning units, solar panels or for general roof inspection.

Further consideration must be taken into account as to how these works are accessed. Will it be via ladder, access hatch, fixed ladder or mechanical means such as a cherry picker. This is the law and if due diligence is not carried out to a satisfactory standard and somebody suffers an accident and is injured or worse, then the likelihood is that you may be going to jail. It’s that serious.

Our experts are qualified to be able to provide a complete roof safety design service. Engineered fall protection systems are designed to exact performance requirements, using dedicated software packages and undertaken by qualified and experienced designers. By supplying an electronic drawing to us and completing a design questionnaire, we can create you a full design under CDM and connect you with one of our expert partners with regards to the installation of the system. This gives you peace of mind that you will have a 100% compliant system and that people working on your properties will remain safe.

If you have a project that requires a fall protection system designed, then please get in touch and let us take care of this for you.