Annual Recertification & Testing

European and World Wide legislation dictates that fall protection equipment must be inspected and certified annually. Recertification & testing periods must be no greater than a 12 months by a competent person and with you are in safe hands!

We are able to carry out annual testing, maintenance and recertification to your existing fall protection systems anywhere in the world.

Companies are legally required to provide a safe working environment. Once a fall protection system has been installed,  it should be regularly maintained and serviced to ensure it is safe to use at all times. If an accident does occur and the equipment is found to be faulty and/or uncertified, you could find yourself accountable and in a court of law.

Inspection and recertification of a fall arrest system is a far more complex activity than simply ticking a box and issuing a certificate. It is therefore essential that only a competent company/person carries out the recertification of your equipment and systems that are installed on your premises.

Work at height is a specialised area of health & safety. It is important that you ensure you commission a competent company/person to assess the risks appropriately in accordance with the work at height hierarchy.

On completion of a designed fall arrest system or fall protection equipment, all components are inspected and certified to ensure that the system has been installed correctly and is safe to use. You should receive a certificate and a user manual (commonly known as operation and maintenance manual) from the installer.

This should include user/operating instructions as well as information referencing important information regarding your access equipment. You must ensure that your equipment has a ‘tag’ that displays when the recertification date is due and that the system meets the various regulations.

Your insurances could become non and void if an accident occurs through use of a damaged system on your property. It is very important that you record the date of when the inspection is due.

Due to the highly technical nature of fall protection systems and the expertise required to design, install and certify, various regulations govern that these inspections should be carried out be a competent and qualified person.

We would always recommend that you instruct an installer of the system installed as they will have been trained in the installation of this system. They will be able to carry out, and more importantly be authorised to carry out any repair works that may be required.

It is worth noting that the majority of manufacturers will void all warranty of the fall protection system if a ‘non’ approved contractor carries out the annual recertification works. has over 25 years of experience in the field and have access to fall protection installers around the globe that can assist you.  Furthermore, if during a periodic safety equipment inspection any component of your fall protection system is determined to be damaged, skilled safety engineers are able to perform necessary repairs which contributes to a cost saving to you.

We are also able to provide system training to keep your employees aware of correct use and industry best practices. The combination of these services helps to keep your employees safe and provides your company with the up-to-date training and inspection documentation required by country regulations.

If you have a safety system or safety eye bolts that require testing and recertifying, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

Recertification & testing
Recertification & testing
Recertification & testing
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