Video Gallery

Please find our video section that will provide examples of fall protection systems and demonstrations of various products. Personal rescue devices, fall protection systems in use, how to attach a travel device to a cable system, how to put on a harness and other informative examples relevant to fall protection. is authorised to supply all of the products that are detailed in the videos below. You can  contact us using our e-mail or by visiting our partner site for all manner of personal protective equipment at

Fall arrest vs restraint

Free standing non-penetrative anchor

Mini blocks & mini SRL’s

Demonstration of horizontal cable system

Clmblatch & Vertical demonstration

Drop test video

Personal Rescue Device (PRD)


Product range that we can supply

Transfastener & removable transfastener demonstration

Wingrip for the aviation industry

How to check & put on a harness

How to access/egress a fall protection system safely