Fall Protection Company Rebrands

Fall protection company rebrands – in copycat branding!

Your company image is important, very important, and for the past 40 years one of our partners, the Gable Group & Gable Fall Safe Ltd identity has been blue & green, it is how clients past & present identify with them and their high level of service that they offer to their clients.

For the past 25 years, it most certainly has been used for its fall protection division, being one of the original and longest-standing fall protection specialists in the UK.  The fall protection arm of the business has cemented itself as a leading trusted and reputable contractor, delivering high value, famous landmarks, and notable installations and are approved installers of major fall protection manufacturers,

Fallarrest.com asked Gable Fall Safe & the Gable Group for comment and this is their response;

Imitation is always the finest form of flattery and always will be and we wish to be extremely clear that we have always had a clear separate identity for our business (s) so as to distinguish ourselves and the unrivaled services that we provide within the industry. The Gable group of companies incorporates all disciplines of roofing, i.e. membrane, felt, tiling, scaffolding, gutters & fascia, and a fall protection business, whilst operating in the rail and electricity sector.

We are not associated with any other company other than those within the immediate Gable Group of companies, or our various websites and platforms such as fallarrest.com, which offers knowledge & solutions, our harnesses.com e-commerce site that sells personal protective equipment, our standingseam.com fall protection solution platform for standing seam solutions, and any of the platforms that we operate **

As a company we really don’t like to fit in, we much prefer to stand out!  We are perplexed as to why another contractor, who operates in the same fields of business would rebrand in such a way to mirror image an established contractor in the market, even more so after having spent ten years in the industry with their own identity which was the polar opposite, I guess we should take it as a compliment, it is rather embarrassing, considering that we are well known and respected in the market and these logo branding colours have been associated with our businesses for the past 40 years.  It’s a fickle market, people talk, people have already been in contact to ask if we have bought their company, or had agreed a form of partnership, we would be hugely embarrassed to be seen as a copy cat!

Should you stumble across another fall protection business, or group of companies that have these clearly strikingly resemblance branding to the Gable Group please be assured that there is strictly no association!

Please do visit the platforms when you get an opportunity, they are constantly being updated with new suppliers, trades and information.