What is a rigid fall arrest rail, why use it and where to use it

Fall arrest solutions exist in many shapes and sizes, from the anchor point to the guardrail. However, not all of them are suited for every situation. Fallprotec offers a wide range of lifelines, among which rigid rails. Rigid rails offer a secure attachment point for workers at height while benefitting from very low deflection. This is particularly important in situations where the fall clearance is low. Rigid rails transmit lesser forces to the host structures. Last but not least rigid rails can be used on steep roofs to enable work positioning.

Fallprotec’s rigid rails follow strict guidelines to comply with BS7883:2019, BS8610:2017 and BSEN795 Type D. As work at height is never performed alone, the company also tests its products to match the Technical Specification TS16415:2013. The SafeAccess rail has an additional certification for potentially explosive atmospheres, ATEX, which makes it suitable for high-risk implementations, such as the oil&gas industry.

Fallprotec offers two types of rail lifelines for height safety.

The SecuRail Pro is a rigid and versatile fall arrest rail system. This unique profile has high inertia that enables up to 6 m spam between supports. It is very versatile and can be installed on steep roofs, on walls or in overhead configuration. The according GRANVIA fall arrest trolley equipped with rollers glides smoothly along the track following the user’s movement.

The SafeAccess is an undeformable fall arrest rail system for industrial applications. Installed in overhead configuration, it is the most suitable system when the fall clearance is low. This rail can be used for petrochemical industries as it is ATEX certified for potentially explosive atmospheres. The aluminum rail is protected by a high-quality powder coated surface treatment that resists to a marine environment.

The SafeAccess rail can be combined with a Flexbow system, a standardized outrigger jib, for applications such as securing loading bays and machinery. As the lifeline can also be installed high over the user, it is suitable for vast production halls, buildings and applications as aircraft fall protection systems. The SafeAccess received ATEX certification for applications in the potentially explosive atmosphere. The corresponding NAV 2 trolley equipped with rollers follows smoothly without any action from the worker. Combined with a retractable fall arrester block the system can stop a fall in the shortest possible distance.

All rigid rails must be installed by a certified installer. The systems must be inspected annually as per BS7883:2019. The end users connect to the rail with harnesses, lanyards, and self-retractable blocks of www.harness.com

Securail Pro

Securail Pro


The Fallprotec Securail Pro is a horizontal safety line that is both rigid and highly versatile.

It is lightweight and has very high inertia which allows a large span between brackets.

As such, it is recommended for complex structures that have irregular fixing options.




The SafeAccess is an undeformable fall arrest rail for industrial applications. Installed in overhead configuration, it is the most suitable system for low fall clearance.

ATEX-certified for potentially explosive atmospheres, this rail is also ideal for petrochemical industries and highly corrosive environments.

The aluminum rail is protected by a high-quality powder-coated surface treatment that resists the marine environment.