Protective equipment

You should always consider measures that protect everyone who is at risk (collective protection) before measures that protect only the individual (personal protection).

Fall Arrest Equipment

Cleaning windows at height will often require the use of appropriate fall arrest equipment. This is normally a safety harness suitable for fall arrest connected via an energy-absorbing lanyard to a suitable anchor point. Harnesses must be adjusted properly to fit the wearer.

Fall arrest equipment must be maintained and be in a good condition, periodically inspected and replaced when appropriate.  Equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration should be inspected regularly and each time exceptional circumstances which might jeopardise safety have occurred.

Anchor points for fall arrest purposes require periodic inspection and testing by a competent person.

Detailed guidance on inspecting fall arrest equipment made from webbing PDF.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

You must provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and training in the correct usage to your employees wherever there is a risk to health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled by other means.  Common PPE in the window cleaning industry includes items such as safety helmets, gloves, protective footwear and clothing and high visibility clothing.