Full Roof Condition Survey

Our detailed roof surveys don’t leave any stone unturned, we carry out a thorough visual examination of all roof areas. We take numerous core samples to establish the condition, build-up, and type of the existing waterproofing system. We measure the thickness of any existing insulation so that, if it can be retained, we can include it in U-Value calculations and condensation risk analysis. When taking core samples, it is essential that the complete picture is established; whether there is an air and vapour control layer in place or whether the roof has been over-boarded and the original deck is reached.

We then thoroughly inspect the existing waterproofing for defects. These can differ depending on the type of waterproofing and can range from gas or water blisters to delamination of laps on single ply or felt systems to lack of film thickness on liquid systems. We check the existing falls of the roofand measure any areas of ponding water and check existing outlets, etc. to determine whether the roof is draining efficiently.

We measure all upstand heights and check all other details such as rooflights, plant, mechanical and electrical equipment, pipe penetrations, etc.

Our decades of experience mean that our clients have the peace of mind that the reports we produce are accurate and diagnose the root cause of any issues.