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RGHE: Rear D Harness

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Product Info

The RGHE harness is the “budget” and extremely lightweight harness in our range. Similar to the RGH1, this RGHE is a basic access harness fitted with a rear dee only, but without the additional adjustment on the shoulder straps.

This harness is used primarily with a fall arrest lanyard (i.e. RGL1), to provide an operative with basic fall protection. When used in conjunction with a” twin leg lanyard” (RGL3), the harness can be used for tower climbing, scaffold and general steel erecting, as the twin leg lanyard would provide continuous attachment through “double clipping”.

As with all of our harnesses, the RGHE is suitable for use with fall arrest blocks, however we recommend the addition of the RGL4 extension strop to facilitate easy connection.

The harness provides suitable adjustment.

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