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RGH16: Multi Task Comfort Harness

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Product Info

The RGH16 is a further innovation of our range of safety harness. For fall arrest the harness comprises front and rear D rings. In addition there is the added benefit of 2 side D work positioning D rings on a comfortable support pad, and a further ventral front D ring positioned at the waist for sit suspension and / or work positioning.

This comfortable harness is designed for operatives who spend long hours working at height and in exposed areas. The RGH16 is a “multi task” harness and will allow operatives to access almost any area in safety using a combination of the products available.

The belt is also fitted with three gear loops for carrying tools leaving the hands free thus maintaining the required three points of contact when climbing. All of the features, combined with a good load bearing capacity, make this harness the ideal choice for the professional. The harness is fully adjustable and can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit the wearer. The position of the waist comfort pad can be adjusted to give optimum comfort. Leg straps are opened using lightweight adjustable quick click buckles, which allow for easy and quick step in facility. Comfort leg pads are also provided.

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